Things I am proud of (my accomplishments):

Eagle Scout
Surviving Brain Surgery
College Degree
Published a book
Drive and pay for a nice car
Won a short story writing contest
Have always had a job since a teenager
Never unemployed
Have worked for Ball Seed for 10 years
Learned how to dance
Ran in high school and learned to run again now
Learned to swim when a little boy
Swam in high school team
Still swim
Successfully bike long distances
Ran some 5k’s
Participated in 2 triathlons
Live in a nice apartment
Was a catechism teacher at church for one year
Reader at church
Eucharistic Minister for 2 years
Been hiking, camping many times
Went canoeing on the Mississippi River and the boundary waters of Canada
I hit two home runs in minor league baseball
Went to boot camp and survived

To Be Thankful



To be thankful

I am not just grateful for turkey
I am thankful for these things:
For mom and dad for raising me well
For you teaching me how to ride a bicycle
For helping me with my homework
For showing me the difference between right and wrong
For always being patient with me when I was acting difficult
For providing guidance by taking me to church
For helping me stay physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight
Thanks to the Boy Scouts
For my sister because she is a wonderful person
For her ability to put up with my strange ways
For all the trees we climbed and the bikes we rode
For the tickle fights and drawing on each other’s backs before going bowling on Saturdays
For Saturday morning cartoons…those were the days
For all of those great birthday parties at Funway, Showbiz Pizza and the movies
For all of the sports I was in like swimming and track
For playing baseball as a catcher all those years and even winning trophies
For receiving my high school diploma and a college degree
For all of the support and encouragement from my family
For making good friends and being a great listener as well
For my excellent health condition
For the numerous vacations I have been on
For my love and passion for music and what it has done for me over the years
For the gift of writing
For McDonalds even when they screw up my order because it’s an American tradition
For late night conversations with friends
For good talks with my dad that I will never forget
For bike rides and talks with my grandpa
For photographs and memories
For magnificent sunrises and sunsets
For all of the laughter I have enjoyed
For rainy weather (yes that’s right) because it washes the dirt away
For the hopeful promise of tomorrow
For modern medicine and surgery improving my quality of life
For eventually meeting the girl of my dreams; my wife named Denielle
For the tremendous joy and wonderful experiences we have enjoyed so far
This year is a special year to really reflect and give thanks to everyone for never giving up on me for love outshining the bad for life to go on
I am so thankful for having a solid job with benefits
Having a nice new apartment to live in
And truly being part of a wonderful and blessed family.


Today’s gratitude thoughts



things that make me smile upon reflection:


sometimes i sleep in late and my wife brews coffee for me, i love to wake up to that smell

even though i prefer to stay in bed, I drag myself out and go for a brisk jog

watching a moth hummingbird at the gardens where i work

i cry and my WIFE hugs me and then I feel awesome

SHE forgives me, even after I go GODZILLA on her

when i lose something and then find it, it helps me appreciate what i lost

cough drops sooth my throat

2 kit kat bars ejected from the vending machine….two for the price of one!!!


free smiles


….and now something about FEET



Feet below me

I am centered

The floor of carpet

Welcomes my toes

Spread them wide

Closing my eyes

Embracing warmth


Rain outdoors

Soothing ambient music

Surrounds my being

Closing my eyes

I focus on the common ground

We all share

Children walking to school

Looking both ways before crossing the street

The movement in Chicago

Millions of pedestrians walking

Up and down the intersections

And alleys

I sit in a coffee shop

I notice the different shoes

We all wear

High heels




Or when we take them off

Barefoot on the beach

Barefoot in the park

Barefoot through the grass

Tickle the feet

Scratch the bottoms

Playing footsies

Our feet carry our weight


In touch with the soil of the earth

give in

let go



Blissful Enthusiasm


Examining hilarious films

A stimulating tête-à-tête with my companions

Resting in bed observing the sun rise

Listening to amazing music




Blogging about pleasing sounds

Jogging outside in the morning

A journey on my bicycle

Swimming laps in the pool

Delightful car rides

Street voyages

Traveling to awesome places

Climbing in the woods

Camping is wild


Coffee time with my mother

My nieces visits over the weekend

Engaging in recreational video games

Chatting with my sister-in-law

Attending rock concerts

Spending time with my sister at plays and movies


My wife makes me feel whole


Snapping my unique style of pictures


Driving to my Father’s cabin in Michigan

Organizing anything…..passion


Event and party planning can be excellent

Back massages feel euphoric

Reading out loud to my dear comrades

Love of children is a warm feeling

It is pleasing to love

And to receive love


Researching information

Math problems


The spiritual feeling I get at church

Observing someone smile


A comfortable bed

Hot showers

Washing my car

Art museums…..inspire


Delicious bowl of cereal at night

Scary movies in the dark


I am content

Intense emotions


I wish to bring more into my life



If I focus on my senses everyday

I will feel this wave of joy wash through me