What Happened This Year?

Hey there? How’s it going? I haven’t talked to you in a long time. What’s it been? Almost a year? A lot has happened since then. So here I go rambling again:

2017 was awesome in the film scene! Lot’s of anniversaries! It was the 30th anniversary of these films: Predator, Lethal Weapon, The Lost Boys, Fatal Attraction, The Princess Bride, Robocop, Full Metal Jacket, Good Morning Vietnam, Spaceballs, Less Than Zero, Evil Dead II, A Nightmare On Elm Street 3 (My favorite), The Monster Squad and The Running Man! Boy 1987 was a great year!


It’s also the 40th anniversary for these 1977 films: A little film called STAR WARS, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Saturday Night Fever and Suspiria.

However, in the music world, we have many albums that have reached the milestone of 50 YEARS!!! Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band by The Beatles, The Piper At The Gates of Dawn by Pink Floyd, The Velvet Underground’s first album, Surrealistic Pillow by Jefferson Airplane, Disreali Gears by Cream, Days of Future Passed by The Moody Blues, and The Who Sell Out!!!


I participated in many FitBit challenges getting plenty of exercise and losing weight.I’ve had a great “workout” week! I crushed some personal records of mine. Not only did I “step” the most in 7 days but I finally won the weekend warrior challenge! #fitbit

So I have been listening to this cool podcast lately. It’s called 80’s All Over. They dissect all of the films from the 1980’s. Month by month/year by year. They just finished season 1 where they only covered January 1980 thru December 1980. Lots of cool insights!!! Check it out! Plus I have getting much more heavily involved in the horror movie community with podcasts and news groups.


So, I’m a little tardy to the party but I friggin LOVE the Bates Motel series on A&E/Netflix! WOW! It’s so well written, the episodes are compelling, the casting was chosen wisely and there’s so much depth to the stories. I’m totally hooked (and I have only seen 2 episodes so far) Finally, something fresh to satisfy my “horror” taste buds!!

It was over 10 years ago that my wife and I met and started dating. Just a little something to cherish.

My wife and I had three baby showers thrown for us. Lots of presents for our baby boy. Mostly clothes but a lot of items for the nursery. It’s been an exciting time leading up to the delivery date (October 30th). But when Jacob Jean Noe came to us on Halloween, it was an amazing experience that was like living on a different plain of existence. I was amazed. We were stunned how beautiful a baby boy can be. Our little miracle man.

Words can’t possibly express how Denielle and I feel right now. I’m a writer and am loss for words. 7th heaven? Cloud 9? Beyond anything I ever could of comprehended. It’s a surreal and euphoric feeling. Almost a state of permanent shock and disbelief. Yet we do all of the things good parents do instinctively. I can’t believe we are parents and have this amazing little boy named Jacob to take care of now. God is great! Miracles happen. Prayers work. Dreams do come true. My heart just doubled in size. Love for my wife has expanded and is now shared with this beautiful boy.



Believe it or not…two weeks ago I was almost killed in a severe car crash! As this year comes to an end, I just wanted to share my story before it seems like “old news” simply because my life was spared and everything seems hunky dory. I was driving east on route 64. Just passed Chucks BBQ. A car heading south on Meredith did not fully stop and entered into intersection and into my lane. There was not enough time to avoid impact. Our vehicles struck each other. Damage sustained driver front side of my vehicle. Airbags deployed blocking field of vision. Bystanders came to vehicle to offer assistance. I called 911 to report accident. Police arrived and took my information down. Paramedics arrived and checked my vitals. Then I was taken to hospital by ambulance. My car was totaled and it really had a tremendous impact on our lives over the past 2 weeks. It was very scary and serious. As you can see the car was a wreck and completely totaled but I am OK. My wrist was bruised and I had aches and pains in my neck and back and have since seen my doctor. Just wanted to let you know. But mostly what’s important is that I am OK and it could’ve been much much worse. Not to mention my wife’s battles with pneumonia and the effects that my post partum depression has had on me. Otherwise, I am extremely grateful to be alive. God gave me another chance. He knew I had unfinished business with the family. So not only have I survived brain surgery but I walked away from a car wreck. I AM UNBREAKABLE!!!


I am not a private person as many of you may already know that. With that said, here is a piece of advice that my therapist gave me the other day: “When you hit bottom in your life and are suffering deeply, that is the time to be strong. Don’t give up; instead, look at yourself and say, “enough is enough. I won’t get caught in this pattern again. Today is the day it ends.” Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche


Amazing Bed & Breakfast #Galena #history #guesthouse


Abe’s is a former city brewery in Galena. Located 10 minutes away from the Mississippi River. The “Albert” is the site of the former ice house for the brewery and the bathroom is a kind of cavern or grotto that extends into the limestone hillside that was part of the original icehouse.


The owner-artist created tiles of different dog breeds around the fireplace. They can be purchased at the gallery next door.


The bed in the Albert is a work of art!

The suite is spacious, warm and inviting filled with exceptional details everywhere I look. Their Saint Bernard “Albert” stands guard over the entrance to the shower. Black painted twin heads.

Cute kitchen for storing leftovers from the nearby Fried Green Tomatoes restaurant. In the freezer there were fresh coffee beans from a local coffee shop. There was even a grinder on the counter.

Sandy served a fabulous breakfast that’s “to-die-for!” French toast, sausage from Piggly Wiggly, fresh fruit, coffee and orange juice. Great conversations. We felt so welcomed into her home.


Now here’s a little poem I wrote:

Grinded up some coffee beans this morning

fresh from the freezer

poured a fresh cup

listening to the Beatles


In the background

It’s a new dawn

It’s a new day

It’s a new life for me

feeling good


Smiles drip from the face

sitting by the fireplace

potbelly stove

black iron


Ceramic tiles of dog faces

on the wall

metallic leaves dangle from the ceiling

master bed has a firm mattress four feet above the ground


It’s a work of art

naked statues surround it

let’s come together right now

wanna go for a walk?


(all photos of the bed & breakfast taken by Denielle Noe)




Feeling like a Seven Year Old




I have now watched Star Wars: The Force Awakens TWICE in theaters. I absolutely LOVE it! This takes me back to my youth and picks up where it left off back in 1983 when Return of the Jedi came to a conclusion. I honestly HATED the prequels that were released between 1999 and 2005 as episodes 1-3. Those films did NOTHING for me. I didn’t care about Anakin growing up and falling in love and then turning evil. I was not interested in little Boba Fet growing up and avenging his father’s death. So many things went wrong for me in those films. Midi-chlorians? Jar Jar? BAD ACTING!!! YUCK!!

This brand new film, released on December 17th 2015 was exactly the perfect follow up to all of the adventures I went through as a small boy. In many ways it was a tribute to the very first film. Not necessarily a remake but it follows a familiar pattern but moves the story forward and is filled with action, adventure, comedy, tragedy and mystery. I see this franchise going places. I would rank this film at #3 of all the films. Empire Strikes Back and A New Hope are still #1 and #2 respectively. Return of the Jedi was still better than Episodes 1-3 combined but I feel The Force Awakens really stepped up to the plate and hit a home run quite brilliantly.


I have been feeling like a seven year old pulling out my action figures on the carpet floor and re-watching the original movies. Wearing my favorite Star Wars T-shirts with my popcorn and soda and staring with a wide open mouth at the big screen watching my favorite characters (old and new) going on adventures that bedazzle me!!


My faith in good films has been restored!!

Why Thursdays in the Fall are Awesome

imageFirst of all I LOVE the Autumn season. It my favorite time of year. Cool mornings and warm afternoons. It’s that “harvest” time to gather and celebrate our crops. Pumpkins are clearly a favorite feast. I grew up enjoying the leaves falling and raking them up. Campfires and roasting marshmallows (creating s’mores) wearing hooded sweatshirts and watching football games. We get ready for Halloween and Thanksgiving as well.

but why Thursday??

its the day of anticipation

one day away from the weekend

i can see it if I stand on my tippy toes

its like Christmas Eve (which I enjoy more than the actual day)

So there ya go…Thursday’s in the Fall

Plus I like to say S. H. I. T. ( So Happy It’s Thursday) 🙂

Drifting Wisdom

Is there a vessel for my magical words?
buried under thrashing guitar noises
why bother organizing anything at all
when i can sip from my black coffee
potent as the air in this room
breathing slow and deep
with a blade that cuts the silly faces
of scanned brains
hiding in the ancient mugs of doom
corrected by blue fields stuck on sheets
of ordinary lives gone
through acid wisdom
they cannot see me in this place
I have drifted beyond the lake
now swirled by colors and drawings
do not end this relationship
between the sky and metallic bridges
the paint splattered in  the wars of men
it is pink in here among the drug plains
crashing into the desert realm
I shall keep calm and carry on
stationed in the corner
I will read my book and then do back flips
raising my fists in the sky
feeling so high on razor sharp electric music
radio waves strangle my brain
until the eggs of thought spill on the floor
my head is split wide open now
the eye shaking king is here to
take me away from reality
a prisoner of time’s pieces are breaking away

Today’s poem

Drinking Genius

Awake from this sluggish throb of a lifeless day
Make every picture sacred
Remember to live young
Why laugh once?
Surround this moment with eternal brilliance
Time to listen to secret words
Yesterday the universe was wild
Translucent sky devours the poison
Of the red smoke bleeding through the naked window
Trust the ocean
The open pool heals the hole of decay
One more cup of coffee is poetry
For the ferocious heart


Still happy over here

I am still happy by the way. I know its been awhile since my last post. Today was one of those days where I was tired, groggy, slow moving and sweating a lot. Lots of hard work does pay off. I was approached by a lady at work asking me if I wanted to donate some Calla plant bulbs to an organization called Little Friends, Inc. They are a private, non-profit organization serving children and adults with autism and other developmental disabilities. The lady in charge of the organization said,”Thanks for thinking of us!  We’re excited to have an opportunity to beautify our campus and residential properties.” I enjoy volunteering my time to various charities.

Just this past weekend, I rode my bicycle 100 miles to raise lots of money for Multiple Sclerosis (MS). I personally raised over $400 (as a team….almost $75,000) and am very excited and proud to say that I participated in the 2014 Bike MS: Tour de Farms. Many thanks to all the folks who have done a lot of work in organizing a large team of us Petal Pushers to take part in this. It’s an issue close to my heart. My mother-in-law, Aunt, Uncle, friends and co-workers are just a few of more than 2.1 million people affected by MS worldwide. 

Finally, when I dropped off mail at the post office, I accidentally spilled a mail tub and several envelopes, letters and packages came tumbling down on the pavement. But a gentleman helped me pick up the mess and gave me a cool pen. It was kinda weird but also kind of nice and put a smile on my face. Generosity goes both ways.Image



This Mysterious Life of Mine

There are too many enquiries I examine


Competition is apparently strong in this world

Emotions are like wild beasts released from cages

Running around without any rules

There are no answers

No truth in science


I am human

Mistakes are made

Is NORMAL an actual term?

Does it have meaning?


Much focus in this world is about WEIGHT

What does that mean?

It’s definitely acceptable to feel WEIRD

Eccentric behavior makes me feel like I exist


Bullies pick on other people


They’re insecure with themselves

And wish to make others feel dejected

In order to boost their ego


Dwelling on the past does no justice for the mind

Beating myself up because

I forget things


Is a waste of time


Dreams and nightmare are part of life


And Music has amazing benefits on our brains

Music is my therapy

And it’s a great escape from problems


It’s all mysterious