The Most Beautiful Things I Have Ever Seen #love #nature #music

The ocean for the first time

Pink Floyd at Soldier Field in the summer of 1994 (Pigs, Mirror Ball and the Rain)

The day I met my future wife at a train station on a cloudy rainy day

The Badlands of South Dakota


Children laughing at playgrounds

Gazing up at the stars

My little poodle named Shadow (1989-2004)

The lower dells near Starved Rock State Park

Sights along my first Route 66 trip

The balcony in Cancun of our hotel room (honeymoon)

Looking at the Caribbean Sea and hearing the waves rollin and out

First time I saw the movie The Matrix on the big screen

Once there was a guest priest at my childhood church who sang songs from the Lion King and gave a really powerful sermon

One summer, at work in the gardens, I saw several Hummingbird moths

When I was home recovering from surgery, My Aunt Rhonda had these chocolate dipped pineapples delivered to me

Pumpkin custard

Seeing Katy Perry live at the United Center in 2014

Witnessing the White Sox win the World Series in 2005

Finally getting to see a brand new episode of Star Wars on the big screen (that actually brought tears of joy to my eyes) 2015





Change this routine

life is not on repeat

embrace variety

nature is good medicine

I wonder if the clouds could sing lullabies

answering my call for gentle rain

on a summer’s day far from here

Tall grass prairies wait to grow

elevating my mood to a state of grace

increase the dopamine levels

right now I want to laugh

remain in the zone

we have choices to make

to be cooperative

find our rhythm

get in the flow

to be grounded



Delightful sensations at my day job

reminding myself to breathe deep

and smile

money, image, status

they do not matter

those are extrinsic values

of little importance

intrinsic happiness comes from

three important places in this existence

personal growth


and the desire to help others

Focus on what you do have

and how can you share it

for the world to know