Tape scribbles

Doodling is great for the soul. I go into a zone. My worries seem to disappear. I can just draw and scribble like a child and not care what anyone thinks. A Picasso is not me. Nor am I a Michelangelo. But, a bad day, bummer day, dull day or any day calls for scribbles. One of my passions is making mixtapes for my friends. I recently bought some actual cassette tapes. They are relics of the past. 80’s and 90’s nostalgia of trading cool music with cool people. I mostly put favorite tunes on blank CDs and then I cut out colored sheets into squares and I draw random pictures that evoke the mood of the mixtape. I wanted to share some recent sketches. It’s a real fun thing to do, even in my late 30’s. Being a kid is what it’s all about. That makes me happy!!!



Change this routine

life is not on repeat

embrace variety

nature is good medicine

I wonder if the clouds could sing lullabies

answering my call for gentle rain

on a summer’s day far from here

Tall grass prairies wait to grow

elevating my mood to a state of grace

increase the dopamine levels

right now I want to laugh

remain in the zone

we have choices to make

to be cooperative

find our rhythm

get in the flow

to be grounded



Delightful sensations at my day job

reminding myself to breathe deep

and smile

money, image, status

they do not matter

those are extrinsic values

of little importance

intrinsic happiness comes from

three important places in this existence

personal growth


and the desire to help others

Focus on what you do have

and how can you share it

for the world to know


Snowbound! Project: Redecorate our Mantle to the rescue!

My wife’s story is a perfect example of smiling on a blustery day!!!

Denielle Noe

Well here in the midwest we are experiencing large snowfalls and drops in tempertures in epic proportions. Those of you who live in colder climates may laugh at our plight, but dang it, it’s really cold out there and I want no part of it!

So with no shopping, theaters and other outdoor activities taken away, what’s a girl to do to keep it interesting inside her boring old home? Redecorate of coarse!

It was easy to decide what to focus on since we just recently took down all of our Christmas decorations. The one area in our place that looked extremely woeful since de-decorating was our fireplace mantle.

I will be the first to admit that I never gave our mantle any proper everyday decor and just threw any old thing up there to occupy space. Without anything else to do today, I said to myself,  “I can`t take…

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Smiling on a blustery day


HAPPY New Year!!! Welcome to 2014, please stay awhile. Currently, I’ve mostly been staying indoors.  Here in Illinois, it’s been snowing, blowing and dropped below freezing temperatures for the last 6 days. But that’s okay. I have logs burning in the fireplace. Relaxing music is playing on the stereo. Hot chocolate with marshmallows is warming up my cold body. A stack of magazines for me to read sits on the coffee table. I’m working on writing a new book. Well actually I am editing and revising what is practically ready to be submitted for publication. I self publish my stuff. So when the days are dark and cold outside, I work on my poetry and short stories. I own an acoustic guitar. Sometimes it is nice to wipe off the dust, grab a pic and start strumming those winter blues away.

For Christmas, I received a book of  Easy Word Searches. This is a fun activity to do whenever I am spun or bored. I can exercise my brain without getting dizzy and overstimulated. Oh the things we do to pass the time and insure that we remain happy.

When I read the words “nothing,” from people, when asked the question: what did you do today?, it makes me sad. It’s all about an attitude. Your days can be spent in awesome ways. Even just reading 1 or 2 positive short stories a day are enough to put you in a good mood. Keep a daily journal and write down the positive things ONLY. NOTHING NEGATIVE. Just the POSITIVE from your days. You don’t want to fall into a trap of doing the same boring things everyday.

Do something daring. Be bold. Be different. Write your feelings down (write a poem). Play a song and SING along to it. Only you can hear it! Maybe write a letter to an old friend and mail it off (like how we used to). Do something kind for someone else. It’s like playing Yahtzee, you can either take a ZERO in the chance OR put any number combination down in the square. Because ANY number is better than ZERO. Calling a friend. Watching a FUNNY movie. Doodle, draw or make crafts. purge through your purse or wallet. pour yourself a glass of wine and listen to some Dean Martin. Take a shower. Brush your teeth. So many things….

This year….let’s ALL be HAPPY!!!