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….and now something about FEET



Feet below me

I am centered

The floor of carpet

Welcomes my toes

Spread them wide

Closing my eyes

Embracing warmth


Rain outdoors

Soothing ambient music

Surrounds my being

Closing my eyes

I focus on the common ground

We all share

Children walking to school

Looking both ways before crossing the street

The movement in Chicago

Millions of pedestrians walking

Up and down the intersections

And alleys

I sit in a coffee shop

I notice the different shoes

We all wear

High heels




Or when we take them off

Barefoot on the beach

Barefoot in the park

Barefoot through the grass

Tickle the feet

Scratch the bottoms

Playing footsies

Our feet carry our weight


In touch with the soil of the earth

give in

let go



Writer, Poet and Music geek

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