If Only…


If Only…

i could accept the changes of my life

I was a little boy again riding my bike through the woods

there was more time to fix the broken heart

the trauma and stress went away

I could sleep longer

i could meet up again with old friends

i could handle the suffering

i wouldn’t become unglued so easily

I could embrace mental illness with open arms

the explosions were less severe

I was stronger

the summer never ended

the Fall could last forever

Winter never came

the pain would stop growing

life was simpler

Bewildered Existance

This is not intended to be a NEGATIVE poem

Its is merely coming from a place of love……


A natural observer

Sitting on a bench beside

A brick wall

Strangers passing by

Different colors

Different ideas

It’s who we are

Music dances in the head

No one is the same really

But everyone plays the game

Life is very complicated

There’s no easy way to do it

Not everyone wins in the end

Everyone separates themselves

Getting into their own worlds

Of confusion

To try and figure it out

What is the answer to life?

Or is life even asking questions?

Why do we follow routine?

A course laid down

By the generations before us

Is it safe to feel secure

And have we forgotten about our spirits?


Things keep getting complicated

We work hard to make things difficult

Destroying land to build chaos

To educate our children devastation

How often is the world silent

With it’s overcrowded streets?

We took our energy and created machinery

The days keep getting shorter

With all this mass destruction

Seems like there’s no time to breath

Build clean energy all around

People need to know one another

To love the earth

To remove their hate

To increase their positive flow of energy

People should appreciate

What’s around them already

Talk of revolution

In this different era

A rebellion against conformity

A resistance towards regulation

A generation brainwashed

Cannot breath

A rat race towards success

Thought control

The minds we know

It must come to an end

Chaos swims throughout the land

An understanding must be explained

Bursting are the words

The thoughts

Which tell of planned deaths

A dying America is what’s foreseen

A negative force

Unnoticed by most

It’s destroying happiness

Something which apparently

This nation was founded on

So tired of the world observed

Divided by hatred, opinions and jealousy

What is the goal of humanity?

To be some place where one can think

Believe in examining your feelings

Why is success measured in such materialistic ways?

Eventually the path doesn’t feel so right

Eventually you just want time to figure your life out

Growing weary racing towards the sun


Before my eyes….obervations in the fall


I see my sister and me playing tag in the backyard

A highway map that invites my curious soul

Silly faces of my nieces in a picture frame

A gold ring on my finger to remind me of love


I see the rain and cold before winter finally approaches

Christmas is around the corner

Crumbled leaves still remain

Obstacles are in the way


I see puddles slowly growing to the point

where its too difficult to jump over them

My wife struggles with her health

causing me to weep


I see grey skies

trees with bare branches

A hot cup of coffee on my desk

A cup of pleasure wakes up my eyes


I see strangers passing by

in a cafe

looking at their iPhones

starring off into space


I see stress in a woman’s eyes

hearing random chatter

music dances in my head

Things are getting complicated today


I see strange objects before my eyes

it’s who we are

different ideas

different colors



bright lights



how often is the world silent?

can we build clean energy around us?


love the earth

remove hate

increase positive flow


tremendous energy

appreciating what’s around already


My focus however is on melancholy

Expectations aren’t met with these eyes

My eyes are burning up

Seeing you in bed within my life


Sad that I’m going back to my nightmares

Why do they haunt me forever?

Ferocious eyes

Observe so many moments


Life is blazing

before my eyes

I see memories of a child

laughing on the floor

in front of the fireplace


I see a woman that I love

my eyes are relaxed in the presence

of the lady of my dreams

she smiles and sings to me

thats is enough to put me at ease


Before my eyes is a life unknown

adventures we have yet to take

a child we have yet to raise

a new home we have yet to live in


The road is open for a trip

for a drive

for a continuous journey


I see dancing in the streets

walks along the beach

stormy weather

comforted by shelter and a warm blanket


Before my eyes

calm waters prevail