Flashback to 1995

This isn’t necessarily a “happy” poem but it makes me “happy” that after 20 years, I still have this poem.

It exposes the truth of how I felt then and how it echoes how I have been feeling lately……

famous (May 1995)

can’t even write

don’t know what to say

there is no light

to make me feel okay

uncomfortable in my shoes

punishing my feet

put them to use

just to look neat

knuckles i crack

to help me think

i arch my back

and try not to blink

sitting and staring

looking around me

emotional bearings

trying to escape me

music without

i am bored

entering of doubts

cannot afford

i am distant

apart from friends

this very instant

too much blends

my head explodes

whenever i am lonely

the memories implode


wish i were famous

never have to worry

time makes us

life is a hurry


Something Was Stolen But Not Forgotten


Time stole my youth

This body ages and hair falls out

I am not physically a teenager anymore

To remember those high school

And college years

The way I felt

And acted

That…stayed with me


Time stole the possession of

A young body

But my mind

And attitude are still young


to be a child is a complete life

party never stops