Blissful Enthusiasm


Examining hilarious films

A stimulating tête-à-tête with my companions

Resting in bed observing the sun rise

Listening to amazing music




Blogging about pleasing sounds

Jogging outside in the morning

A journey on my bicycle

Swimming laps in the pool

Delightful car rides

Street voyages

Traveling to awesome places

Climbing in the woods

Camping is wild


Coffee time with my mother

My nieces visits over the weekend

Engaging in recreational video games

Chatting with my sister-in-law

Attending rock concerts

Spending time with my sister at plays and movies


My wife makes me feel whole


Snapping my unique style of pictures


Driving to my Father’s cabin in Michigan

Organizing anything…..passion


Event and party planning can be excellent

Back massages feel euphoric

Reading out loud to my dear comrades

Love of children is a warm feeling

It is pleasing to love

And to receive love


Researching information

Math problems


The spiritual feeling I get at church

Observing someone smile


A comfortable bed

Hot showers

Washing my car

Art museums…..inspire


Delicious bowl of cereal at night

Scary movies in the dark


I am content

Intense emotions


I wish to bring more into my life



If I focus on my senses everyday

I will feel this wave of joy wash through me