My Top Five Favorite #Horror #Films Of All Time

For my film selections, this is my criteria:

Does the movie startle you, make you anxious, get your heart pumping or just plain gross you out?


The Shining—Easily Stanley Kubrick’s greatest achievement, in my opinion. This film has a crazy concept. A husband and father is going to kill his son and wife. It’s so mysteriously atmospheric, that it creates a disturbing feeling, because it’s so unnatural, and you never know what could be hidden around each corner.But for me anyway, what’s most frightening about The Shining is the fact that I don’t know why I’m so terrified while watching it. I just am.

Halloween by John Carpenter—The synthesized music with piano and keyboards creates tension. The camera moves from 1st person (as the killer) and 3rd person (as the unsuspecting victim) quite often. The atmosphere is very Midwestern with leaves falling and taking place on Halloween, makes it a perfect and nostalgic horror film about stalking babysitters. John Carpenter wanted to make a great movie and that’s what he did. Unknowingly, he created the blueprint for modern day slasher films.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre (original)—Tobe Hooper is easily known for Poltergeist from the early 80s but in this film he just went raw and gruesome. There’s just something creepy about a bunch of kids in a van ending up in the middle of nowhere in this town full of strange people and falling into a trap of a group of insane wackos, including the famous leather face, living in this old disturbing house who eventually kill almost everyone. The kills are amazing (using weapons like sledgehammers, meat hooks and of course a chainsaw) and the fact that it takes place in scenes like a home made butcher shop and a room with bones, feathers and a chicken in a cage just makes it all the more creepy.

A Nightmare On Elm Street—I first saw this when I was about 9 years old and I just loved it. The boiler room scenes, dragging the dead body through the high school hallways and a girl being attacked by the invisible killer all around the walls and ceiling in her bedroom was just astonishing. Honestly its about the way certain locations are filmed like a bathtub scene or a jailhouse one that causes shock and frustration for the viewer because only you (the audience) and the kids in the film know what’s going on. The adults disbelieve their stories because they’re covering up the truth. Another cool factor, the killer has a burnt face and knives for fingers on a glove. Visually its quite stunning. Wes Craven made his directorial mark with this one.

An American Werewolf In London—The opening sequence at the bar and the two backpackers walking down the foggy road late at night create fear and tension until that shocking attack happens.The remainder of the film, while there are plenty of comedic moments involving dead people who talk to the main character, involves our protagonist gradually becoming the antagonist and then closes with a major scene with a werewolf roaming the streets of London terrorizing everyone. I haven’t seen another werewolf film this entertaining, fun and scary. Way to go John Landis (director).

Feeling like a Seven Year Old




I have now watched Star Wars: The Force Awakens TWICE in theaters. I absolutely LOVE it! This takes me back to my youth and picks up where it left off back in 1983 when Return of the Jedi came to a conclusion. I honestly HATED the prequels that were released between 1999 and 2005 as episodes 1-3. Those films did NOTHING for me. I didn’t care about Anakin growing up and falling in love and then turning evil. I was not interested in little Boba Fet growing up and avenging his father’s death. So many things went wrong for me in those films. Midi-chlorians? Jar Jar? BAD ACTING!!! YUCK!!

This brand new film, released on December 17th 2015 was exactly the perfect follow up to all of the adventures I went through as a small boy. In many ways it was a tribute to the very first film. Not necessarily a remake but it follows a familiar pattern but moves the story forward and is filled with action, adventure, comedy, tragedy and mystery. I see this franchise going places. I would rank this film at #3 of all the films. Empire Strikes Back and A New Hope are still #1 and #2 respectively. Return of the Jedi was still better than Episodes 1-3 combined but I feel The Force Awakens really stepped up to the plate and hit a home run quite brilliantly.


I have been feeling like a seven year old pulling out my action figures on the carpet floor and re-watching the original movies. Wearing my favorite Star Wars T-shirts with my popcorn and soda and staring with a wide open mouth at the big screen watching my favorite characters (old and new) going on adventures that bedazzle me!!


My faith in good films has been restored!!

When Do I Feel FREE or “In-The Zone?”


This occurs when I am preoccupied where I lose track of time

When I am writing while listening

to the right sounds, rhythms and tunes

on the computer blogging and cataloging

or downloading music

essentially doing research

talking about something

that excites me and that I feel so passionate about

without skipping a beat.




vacation days

In Michigan at my dad’s

watching a movie

writing in my notebook

listening to

and sorting through music

long bike rides


iPod on a train

When my boss is off work

even for a few hours



in the bathroom

at an amusement park



What Interests Me, Excites me……Thus Making Me HAPPY


Music (rock, jazz, indie, mellow)

Writing poetry

Going to diners

Picture collages

Collecting weird items


Movie posters

Road trips


Hanging out with friends

Neon lights

Pin ups

Stanley Kubrick

Alfred Hitchcock

David Lynch

Salvador Dali paintings


The Avant-Garde

Black and White photographs

Disc Golf






Listening to Jazz Records

Going to Concerts


Car Shows

Poetry Readings

Rollar Coasters

Discussing rock bands

Planning Vacations


Math problems

Film studies

The behavior of people