Happy Dog Day

How do I get to my happy place?

Little dog and a black ball

Running around the backyard

Tackling it and playfully dancing

So cute with her bouncy ball

Various birds approaching the feeders

Blue jays

Baltimore orioles


and sometimes a hummingbird

Sun is peaking through the gray clouds on a pleasant Sunday morning

Savoring these sweet moments

Black coffee on a patio table

Bacon cooking on the grill

I am happy with my dad talking to Denny and Doug

Just the 4 of us chatting

Human stimulation


…I am sitting on a lazy boy chair

Staring at a brick wall

Listening to indie pop music on my earbuds

I am among people scattered throughout the house

Mostly ones i havent seen in about 4 years

The strange thing is I am a social person

Yet i feel distant and apart from interactive behaviors

Sipping on a Canadian beer and maintaining a peaceful sensation

Vacation started for me when I clocked out on Friday afternoon

My wife and i chose to visit my dad’s place in Michigan

This afternoon its cool, cloudy and a bit rainy

Its a lazy day

At least we went to the store earlier and did some disc golfing

Which was nice and recreationally active

But now i just space out and attempt to fall asleep

Sleep is good

Smiling on a blustery day


HAPPY New Year!!! Welcome to 2014, please stay awhile. Currently, I’ve mostly been staying indoors.  Here in Illinois, it’s been snowing, blowing and dropped below freezing temperatures for the last 6 days. But that’s okay. I have logs burning in the fireplace. Relaxing music is playing on the stereo. Hot chocolate with marshmallows is warming up my cold body. A stack of magazines for me to read sits on the coffee table. I’m working on writing a new book. Well actually I am editing and revising what is practically ready to be submitted for publication. I self publish my stuff. So when the days are dark and cold outside, I work on my poetry and short stories. I own an acoustic guitar. Sometimes it is nice to wipe off the dust, grab a pic and start strumming those winter blues away.

For Christmas, I received a book of  Easy Word Searches. This is a fun activity to do whenever I am spun or bored. I can exercise my brain without getting dizzy and overstimulated. Oh the things we do to pass the time and insure that we remain happy.

When I read the words “nothing,” from people, when asked the question: what did you do today?, it makes me sad. It’s all about an attitude. Your days can be spent in awesome ways. Even just reading 1 or 2 positive short stories a day are enough to put you in a good mood. Keep a daily journal and write down the positive things ONLY. NOTHING NEGATIVE. Just the POSITIVE from your days. You don’t want to fall into a trap of doing the same boring things everyday.

Do something daring. Be bold. Be different. Write your feelings down (write a poem). Play a song and SING along to it. Only you can hear it! Maybe write a letter to an old friend and mail it off (like how we used to). Do something kind for someone else. It’s like playing Yahtzee, you can either take a ZERO in the chance OR put any number combination down in the square. Because ANY number is better than ZERO. Calling a friend. Watching a FUNNY movie. Doodle, draw or make crafts. purge through your purse or wallet. pour yourself a glass of wine and listen to some Dean Martin. Take a shower. Brush your teeth. So many things….

This year….let’s ALL be HAPPY!!!