Getting reacquainted


The carpet is comfortable
On a Tuesday morning
Under my orange glowing bulb
Silence of a Spring’s dawn

I sit cross legged
My hand holds a pen
It writes words on this sheet of paper
My mug is filled with delightful coffee
Oh how I love my java

All together we have gathered
For a ceremony of words
Celebrating a victory of observation
That my mind is sharp
I have a kind heart

Willing to become more patient
With my expectations
To let them leave on their own

Distractions pull me in
Like gum to a dirty floor
Social media is a prison for my mind
I should be roaming free
More often than my desire craves
Mind traveling
It is what I do best
Exploring what I see and how I feel

Music is the point of my canvas
To hear it is to breath it
To live is to free yourself
From devices that suck you
Until you are no longer focused on your life

Staring into oblivion
Stressing out for no reason
Paranoid about my friends
Worried about my status
None of these should be a part of my love

To smile instead of wrinkle
Resisting happiness is what I tend do

Laugh on purpose
Just smile because I am beautiful
With a charming personality
And the passion for. Poetry
To find its way back into
My misplaced and buried
Muse of my life

The muse guides me
The muse is inspiring
The muse will find me
Once again



This Mysterious Life of Mine

There are too many enquiries I examine


Competition is apparently strong in this world

Emotions are like wild beasts released from cages

Running around without any rules

There are no answers

No truth in science


I am human

Mistakes are made

Is NORMAL an actual term?

Does it have meaning?


Much focus in this world is about WEIGHT

What does that mean?

It’s definitely acceptable to feel WEIRD

Eccentric behavior makes me feel like I exist


Bullies pick on other people


They’re insecure with themselves

And wish to make others feel dejected

In order to boost their ego


Dwelling on the past does no justice for the mind

Beating myself up because

I forget things


Is a waste of time


Dreams and nightmare are part of life


And Music has amazing benefits on our brains

Music is my therapy

And it’s a great escape from problems


It’s all mysterious