What does a pen do?


well it writes words and draws circles around thoughts

what does a pen do?

um, it doodles and spills ink on these thin lines?

the pen cannot do anything without me

just sits on the corner of my bed and maybe it will roll off

falling on the carpet and then i have to reach down

and pick it up and write more

but what else does a pen do?

i dunno stabbing someone that keeps asking me this?

its a weapon to fight off writers block

ideas like to hide from me but my pen is my light saber

that attacks these blank pages with aggressive force


i force and shove my words on this stupid piece of paper

because it just wastes away until i come along

stomping, biting, digging my aggressive words of wisdom

in between these tiny rows

i squeeze the tip of this pen which is having a hard time

providing the ink when i want it to be read

by a random curious person that happens to stumble

upon this bitch fight between the pen and

the crappy recycled notebook paper

oh how i hate this!


and now a new sheet for me

to express myself

or at least whatever seems to be seeping

from my head at the current moment

but soon it will pass

and so will my gas

and then the room will clear

but not my pen because i am

its master painter

no pen is useful without my strokes

of curiosity and the whimsical nature

that i possess

what good is a pen without rivers

of imagination?


Before my eyes….obervations in the fall


I see my sister and me playing tag in the backyard

A highway map that invites my curious soul

Silly faces of my nieces in a picture frame

A gold ring on my finger to remind me of love


I see the rain and cold before winter finally approaches

Christmas is around the corner

Crumbled leaves still remain

Obstacles are in the way


I see puddles slowly growing to the point

where its too difficult to jump over them

My wife struggles with her health

causing me to weep


I see grey skies

trees with bare branches

A hot cup of coffee on my desk

A cup of pleasure wakes up my eyes


I see strangers passing by

in a cafe

looking at their iPhones

starring off into space


I see stress in a woman’s eyes

hearing random chatter

music dances in my head

Things are getting complicated today


I see strange objects before my eyes

it’s who we are

different ideas

different colors



bright lights



how often is the world silent?

can we build clean energy around us?


love the earth

remove hate

increase positive flow


tremendous energy

appreciating what’s around already


My focus however is on melancholy

Expectations aren’t met with these eyes

My eyes are burning up

Seeing you in bed within my life


Sad that I’m going back to my nightmares

Why do they haunt me forever?

Ferocious eyes

Observe so many moments


Life is blazing

before my eyes

I see memories of a child

laughing on the floor

in front of the fireplace


I see a woman that I love

my eyes are relaxed in the presence

of the lady of my dreams

she smiles and sings to me

thats is enough to put me at ease


Before my eyes is a life unknown

adventures we have yet to take

a child we have yet to raise

a new home we have yet to live in


The road is open for a trip

for a drive

for a continuous journey


I see dancing in the streets

walks along the beach

stormy weather

comforted by shelter and a warm blanket


Before my eyes

calm waters prevail