magic time found a way through

my portals of space

it is shiny inside my pleasant caves

nothing to worry about in here

all is quiet and calm now

let it go no matter what they say

or how they may think

because it’s all in your head


red sunset casting silhouettes

upon the trees

i miss the tree that once grew with me

we were friends and companions

but that time is gone

so i must be moving on

feel that yearning to fix the gutters

of my mind

wishing to be driving

on the mother road




If Only…


If Only…

i could accept the changes of my life

I was a little boy again riding my bike through the woods

there was more time to fix the broken heart

the trauma and stress went away

I could sleep longer

i could meet up again with old friends

i could handle the suffering

i wouldn’t become unglued so easily

I could embrace mental illness with open arms

the explosions were less severe

I was stronger

the summer never ended

the Fall could last forever

Winter never came

the pain would stop growing

life was simpler

My Peace Train

I’m sitting in a Metra train right now. The upper level gives me peace and solitude. Whenever I head out to downtown Chicago, I refuse to drive. Stress is kept at a minimum on work related journeys.

My head rests against a vinyl cushion. Feet are stretched out on a fold out seat beside me. Trees glide by the window. King Crimson plays in my ears on my iPhone, which I am holding now while typing this blog post.

Robert Fripp is an intense guitar player.

Anyways, it’s a rainy day. A sleepy day. Today’s change of pace from a regular day at work is nice. I don’t mind the errands I must run for the accounting department. They buy me lunch too!

Alone to think. It feels like recharging before I return to the office. Breath. Pause. Breath again.