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The Most Beautiful Things I Have Ever Seen #love #nature #music

The ocean for the first time

Pink Floyd at Soldier Field in the summer of 1994 (Pigs, Mirror Ball and the Rain)

The day I met my future wife at a train station on a cloudy rainy day

The Badlands of South Dakota


Children laughing at playgrounds

Gazing up at the stars

My little poodle named Shadow (1989-2004)

The lower dells near Starved Rock State Park

Sights along my first Route 66 trip

The balcony in Cancun of our hotel room (honeymoon)

Looking at the Caribbean Sea and hearing the waves rollin and out

First time I saw the movie The Matrix on the big screen

Once there was a guest priest at my childhood church who sang songs from the Lion King and gave a really powerful sermon

One summer, at work in the gardens, I saw several Hummingbird moths

When I was home recovering from surgery, My Aunt Rhonda had these chocolate dipped pineapples delivered to me

Pumpkin custard

Seeing Katy Perry live at the United Center in 2014

Witnessing the White Sox win the World Series in 2005

Finally getting to see a brand new episode of Star Wars on the big screen (that actually brought tears of joy to my eyes) 2015




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Things that make me excited #happy #beautiful #awesome

A List

Attending rock concerts

Hunting for vinyl music at record stores




Watching movies at the theater

Brewing french press coffee

Taking scenic road trips

Playing video games

Going for a bike ride

Engaging in lively conversations

Making cupcakes, nut clusters and casseroles

Reading at the podium in church

Snuggling on the couch with my wife

Scavenger hunt adventures

Hiking and camping




Listening to podcasts while discovering new music

Watching fireworks displays

Haunted Houses

Dressing up for Halloween




Riding roller coasters

Buying a new T Shirt

Reading a good book or magazine article

Listening to or playing music by the campfire

Going to my mom’s for Christmas

Swimming Laps in the pool

Hot dogs and beer at a baseball game

Scary movies in the dark

A day of bowling, pool and arcade games

Binge watching a TV series

Digging up change for an ice cream cone

Cooking with home grown vegetables

Hanging out with my nieces







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The Ways I Can Love Myself More



Daily meditation practice

Taking care of my feet

Spending time making good coffee

Enduring challenging exercises and seeing results in the mirror

Forgiving others and myself

Letting go of friendships that no longer serve me

Taking vitamins and eating healthy

Color in my adult coloring book

Play the guitar more (take lessons)

Save money and travel somewhere new

Laugh at my mistakes

Smile more daily

Observe nature more (the sky, the stars, birds singing and the majestic trees)

Spend time alone without any computers, phones and even music

Go for a walk

Talk to myself in the mirror (daily affirmations)

Compliment myself

Read some poetry

Write a love letter to myself and mail it

Go to bed early




-we ALL need to be kind to ourselves

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Unexpected grief

Sharing fantastic news at my birthday party!

Congratulations! You’ll make great parents! ๐Ÿ‘ฃ

The greatest feeling in the whole wide world!

Experiencing this amazing journey!

Didn’t know if we’d have a boy or girl! ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’

Changing diapers and thoughts of snuggling with our future little one on the couch!

Ultrasound excitement was turned upside down. ๐Ÿ™ƒ

That heartbeat anticipation was replaced by a deep tug of sorrow

Smiles and laughter ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜† became a sad frown ๐Ÿ˜งโ˜น๏ธ

The shock and the horror overwhelmed us two ๐Ÿ˜ณ

Suddenly it was time to say goodbye ๐Ÿ˜ข

Words now turned to “I’m so sorry for you”

So many questions…asking why Why WHY?

It’s pain…full of cries and screams…we are lost ๐Ÿ˜ฉ

We’ll never forget you baby

Always in our hearts โค๏ธ


My Favorite Nintendo Game

If I was stranded on a desert island (with electricity) and had to choose 1 video game to save from the original NES system, it would be Contra. Why? I played it more than any other game. The only other 2 that came close where Mike Tyson’s Punch out and Super Mario Bros. 3

Contra gives you the infamous cheaters’ code: up up down down left right left right B A start

Lots of cool action as well! I played it a lot when I was 12 and 13 years old. This would be amazing if I acquired the original NES System again and that game. That would make me happy!๐Ÿ™‚



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Remembering Grandma Jean Noe (1923-2016)

Dear Grandma Noe, So now you are gone. But yet I take comfort in right now. Nothing can ever take away my fond memories of you and I together. When I sleep, I dream of you and grandpa. My heart is beating still. God bless those trees and birds from heaven’s light above. I wake to sing to the birds, go where I am reminded of you. Nothing can ever shake my will. We all must learn to face our fears. In our hour of darkness; shaking cold and searching for warmth while my heart tries to beat still. But we are born ready to die. But certainly I will try to let no one shake my will to live. In you grandma, I found a love in something beautiful. I grew my strength in places unknown. So now you must go to dance with grandpa up above. I will remember you always. Love your grandson, Chris

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I have loved #movies for 40 years!

I love movies! They make me happy!



So I will be 40 years old in a few months. I thought I would make a list of 40 movies that represent 1 film per year. These films make me happy and basically could be considered my favorite films released in my lifetime…it wasn’t easy since so many movies get released in any given year. Some years I had to choose among up to five of my favorites. For me, it has nothing to do with the Oscars or critics. Just my personal choices. But in the end, what we have here are the remaining champions!!!

Enjoy the list:


1976…Taxi Driver

1977…Star Wars


1979…Apocalypse Now

1980…The Empire Strikes Back



1981…Raiders of the Lost Ark


1983…A Christmas Story

1984…The Karate Kid

1985…Back To The Future

1986…Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

1987…Full Metal Jacket


1989…Batman (Tim Burton)

1990…Total Recall

1991…Terminator 2

1992…Reservoir Dogs

1993…The Fugitive

1994…Pulp Fiction

1995…Seven 7


1997…Good Will Hunting

1998…The Big Lebowski

1999…The Matrix


2000…High Fidelity

2001…Mulholland Drive

2002…Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

2003…Kill Bill Vol. 1

2004…Garden State

2005…Batman Begins (Christian Bale)

2006…Thank You For Smoking


2008…The Dark Knight

2009…Inglorious Basterds


2011…Super 8

2012…Silver Linings Playbook


2014…Guardians of the Galaxy

2015…Star Wars: The Force Awakens

2016 (so far) Deadpool

Who knows what lies ahead? But I am happy!๐Ÿ™‚



I am #alive and #happy

Random things Iย have done during my lifetime:
Gone on a blind date
Skipped school
Watched someone die
Been to Florida
Been on a plane
Been on a helicopter
Been lost
Gone to Washington, DC
Gotten an autograph from someone famous


Swam in the ocean
Cried myself to sleep
Played cops and robbers
Recently colored with crayons
Sang Karaoke
Paid for a meal with coins only
Done something you told yourself you wouldn’t.
Made prank phone calls
Laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose & elsewhere
Eaten Rattlesnake
Written a letter to Santa Claus
Been kissed under the mistletoe
Watched the sunrise with someone
Blown bubbles
Gone ice-skating
Gone skinny-dipping late at night
Lay down outside at night and admired the stars while listening to the crickets
Seen the Statue of Liberty
Traveled by train
Been horse back riding
Gone to Disney World (twice)
Truly believe in the power of prayer
Ridden on an elephant
Been in a parade
Been water-skiing

Been snow-skiing

……to be continued

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#Memory #1996 #English #Paper about Cape Fear


I wrote this in the Spring of 1996 at the community college I was attending at the time. I found it in my closet and felt like sharing it: 

I always welcome comments…

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My Tribute #loss #despair #beauty #hope #child



“Lightning crashes a new mother cries
Her placenta falls to the floor
The angel opens her eyes
The confusion sets in
Before the doctor can even close the door

Lightning crashes an old mother dies
Her intentions fall to the floor
The angel closes her eyes
The confusion that was hers
Belongs now to the baby down the hall

Oh now feel it, comin’ back again
Like a rollin’, thunder chasing the wind
Forces pullin’ from
The center of the earth again
I can feel it.

Lightning crashes a new mother cries
This moment she’s been waiting for
The angel opens her eyes
Pale blue colored iris
Presents the circle
And puts the glory out to hide, hide

Oh now feel it, comin’ back again
Like a rollin’, thunder chasing the wind
Forces pullin’ from
The center of the earth again
I can feel it.

Oh now feel it, comin’ back again
Like a rollin’, thunder chasing the wind
Forces pullin’ from
The center of the earth again
I can feel it.

Oh now feel it, comin’ back again
Like a rollin’, thunder chasing the wind
Forces pullin’ from
The center of the earth again
I can feel it.”

This song keeps going through my head….over and over and over again


We can’t always be happy but we can appreciate the beauty of gray….

I am sad. I am holding back tears. Someone I know just passed away due to complications during childbirth. I read the news today at work and my heart stopped because I am good friends with this girl’s sisters. Her name was Alla and now she is with God. But I’m so happy that she left behind her a beautiful baby that I’m sure Lisa and Anna as well as the rest of her family will be surely embracing with open arms. May she rest in peace……


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