Amazing Bed & Breakfast #Galena #history #guesthouse


Abe’s is a former city brewery in Galena. Located 10 minutes away from the Mississippi River. The “Albert” is the site of the former ice house for the brewery and the bathroom is a kind of cavern or grotto that extends into the limestone hillside that was part of the original icehouse.


The owner-artist created tiles of different dog breeds around the fireplace. They can be purchased at the gallery next door.


The bed in the Albert is a work of art!

The suite is spacious, warm and inviting filled with exceptional details everywhere I look. Their Saint Bernard “Albert” stands guard over the entrance to the shower. Black painted twin heads.

Cute kitchen for storing leftovers from the nearby Fried Green Tomatoes restaurant. In the freezer there were fresh coffee beans from a local coffee shop. There was even a grinder on the counter.

Sandy served a fabulous breakfast that’s “to-die-for!” French toast, sausage from Piggly Wiggly, fresh fruit, coffee and orange juice. Great conversations. We felt so welcomed into her home.


Now here’s a little poem I wrote:

Grinded up some coffee beans this morning

fresh from the freezer

poured a fresh cup

listening to the Beatles


In the background

It’s a new dawn

It’s a new day

It’s a new life for me

feeling good


Smiles drip from the face

sitting by the fireplace

potbelly stove

black iron


Ceramic tiles of dog faces

on the wall

metallic leaves dangle from the ceiling

master bed has a firm mattress four feet above the ground


It’s a work of art

naked statues surround it

let’s come together right now

wanna go for a walk?


(all photos of the bed & breakfast taken by Denielle Noe)




Today’s poem

Drinking Genius

Awake from this sluggish throb of a lifeless day
Make every picture sacred
Remember to live young
Why laugh once?
Surround this moment with eternal brilliance
Time to listen to secret words
Yesterday the universe was wild
Translucent sky devours the poison
Of the red smoke bleeding through the naked window
Trust the ocean
The open pool heals the hole of decay
One more cup of coffee is poetry
For the ferocious heart


The Careless Days


to run through the grass
chasing a frog
watching the cardinals feed
upside down hanging from a tree
playing records all night long
staying up late watching movies
blowing bubbles in the wind
sitting on a chair outside
watching the cars go by
jumping in the swimming pool

mom giving me a dollar to
buy an ice cream cone
from the ding ding man
staring up at the clouds
sleeping in the backyard
on the trampoline
then my sister and I go bouncing
until its time for dinner
saturday morning cartoons
MTV videos

basketball on the driveway

“college nights
drinking coffee
smoking cigarettes
eating pie”

holding hands on the riverwalk
campfire stories
roasting marshmallows
roadtrips on a sunny afternoon
TAG you’re IT!!!

boat rides on the lake
biking through the trails
the smell of a candy store
bubble baths
long games of monopoly
wind blowing through the tree tops
that sound of a gentle sway
days of the carnivals
caurosels and cotton candy
roller coaster rides
and tickle fights


those were the careless days

Getting reacquainted


The carpet is comfortable
On a Tuesday morning
Under my orange glowing bulb
Silence of a Spring’s dawn

I sit cross legged
My hand holds a pen
It writes words on this sheet of paper
My mug is filled with delightful coffee
Oh how I love my java

All together we have gathered
For a ceremony of words
Celebrating a victory of observation
That my mind is sharp
I have a kind heart

Willing to become more patient
With my expectations
To let them leave on their own

Distractions pull me in
Like gum to a dirty floor
Social media is a prison for my mind
I should be roaming free
More often than my desire craves
Mind traveling
It is what I do best
Exploring what I see and how I feel

Music is the point of my canvas
To hear it is to breath it
To live is to free yourself
From devices that suck you
Until you are no longer focused on your life

Staring into oblivion
Stressing out for no reason
Paranoid about my friends
Worried about my status
None of these should be a part of my love

To smile instead of wrinkle
Resisting happiness is what I tend do

Laugh on purpose
Just smile because I am beautiful
With a charming personality
And the passion for. Poetry
To find its way back into
My misplaced and buried
Muse of my life

The muse guides me
The muse is inspiring
The muse will find me
Once again



Happy Days Journey

Do we stop and think about the things that make us smile? A frame of mind has a powerful effect on our well being. Tragedy occurs in our lives. Famine, murder, grief, cancer, accidents and fist fights all are an unfortunate side effect to being a human being. We never know when it’s our turn to face challenges. However, we can practically always control when were are happy. There are infinite counts of people, places, things and events that make us HAPPY everyday!!!

My friend Debi and I are  trying to each take a picture everyday for the next 100 days. We signed up and registered at this cool website. 100 Happy DaysWhat we are doing is focusing on joy, smiles, laughter, fun and whatever makes us happy. By hash tagging these things at our Instagram pages we can document over three months of  bliss. If we make it to the end, the site I mentioned will present each of us with a book containing all 100 of our HAPPY pictures!

I encourage you all to participate in this uplifting adventure. Some examples of my pictures include: a cup of coffee, a hug from a friend and a delicious hot dog. These pictures can be as simple as you want them to be. Good luck and HAPPY snapping.