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Daily Haiku



Waiting to explode

moment of continuum

I just want to sleep

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Daily Haiku

Sorry. I took a break for a bit. We had a baby shower and things got busy. Life happens. Right? Anyways, I bring you today’s haiku:




between sound is youth

forever a cool highway

happy universe

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magic time found a way through

my portals of space

it is shiny inside my pleasant caves

nothing to worry about in here

all is quiet and calm now

let it go no matter what they say

or how they may think

because it’s all in your head


red sunset casting silhouettes

upon the trees

i miss the tree that once grew with me

we were friends and companions

but that time is gone

so i must be moving on

feel that yearning to fix the gutters

of my mind

wishing to be driving

on the mother road