Magosky Stairman Closeup

The warmth grows where the feelings
Of the deep mourning lie
We seek to grow
Always trying to know
But the ever changing symbols
That fester in our minds
Focus and reflect upon
The mirror of our souls.
The softly spoken words
Of wisdom
Never wander away

Smooth is the surface

Of these shelves of thought.

Nothing is what it seems
Because what we are
Is what another dreams.
All that we’ll ever be
Is something that no one can see.
At the center of situation
Everything feels
Like nothing ever began.
It is interesting when thoughts
Cannot control themselves
They invade the spaces
Beneath our feelings
And the end of all we see
Comes not easily.
Couldn’t bare to find
What we left behind
In the new light
The burning is almost too much
We have buried the strength
To withstand the agony of change.
A responsibility
Left to break
And die alone……


The above poem you just read was an excerpt from my book: Wait For The Night To Smile