Still happy over here

I am still happy by the way. I know its been awhile since my last post. Today was one of those days where I was tired, groggy, slow moving and sweating a lot. Lots of hard work does pay off. I was approached by a lady at work asking me if I wanted to donate some Calla plant bulbs to an organization called Little Friends, Inc. They are a private, non-profit organization serving children and adults with autism and other developmental disabilities. The lady in charge of the organization said,”Thanks for thinking of us!  We’re excited to have an opportunity to beautify our campus and residential properties.” I enjoy volunteering my time to various charities.

Just this past weekend, I rode my bicycle 100 miles to raise lots of money for Multiple Sclerosis (MS). I personally raised over $400 (as a team….almost $75,000) and am very excited and proud to say that I participated in the 2014 Bike MS: Tour de Farms. Many thanks to all the folks who have done a lot of work in organizing a large team of us Petal Pushers to take part in this. It’s an issue close to my heart. My mother-in-law, Aunt, Uncle, friends and co-workers are just a few of more than 2.1 million people affected by MS worldwide. 

Finally, when I dropped off mail at the post office, I accidentally spilled a mail tub and several envelopes, letters and packages came tumbling down on the pavement. But a gentleman helped me pick up the mess and gave me a cool pen. It was kinda weird but also kind of nice and put a smile on my face. Generosity goes both ways.Image




My priorities exist and belong in the REAL social world!!!!!


I am a social kind of guy who wears Converse. And conversations over coffee and pie at a diner with a friend (or friends) puts me in a relaxed state of mind. When I shop around at a record store I talk to a guy named Steve; or as I call him, Sunday Steve. He works behind the counter and likes to talk about music. So do I. Normally I talk about music at my other blog:

I have the kind of job where I interact with people everyday. On the phone, via internet and believe it or not, IN PERSON!!! Wow! What a concept! Actually communicating with human beings in the flesh.

We’re not robots or computer data after all! Hooray! We are mammals and I am one of the social beings that exist out there.

I enjoy my job.

Helping other people. Solving problems. Answering questions. Listening to someone’s problems.

Just being there….helps

No I am not a psychologist or a social worker or a mentor or a teacher or a counselor. But I did go to college and I did get a degree in Sociology. However, the paths of my career choices led me to warehouses, office spaces, computers, copy machines, marketing distribution forms, mail machines, post offices, banks, train stations and conversations with the receptionists in the office.

A human resources representative once told me that I am “the corner stone of this company.” She said I was “creative, unique and original.”

I seem to apply my “social skills” to all of my environments.

I provide a social service everyday……making others laugh and listening to them cry too.

Recently I suspended my facebook account because it was finally getting to be too much for me to handle. Too much insanity! Too much drama! I need my own place to get out my feelings.

My happiness comes from connecting with other people in the real world. Lunch dates. Going out to the movies. Taking a jog through the neighborhood and saying hello to other people as I pass them on the street. Conversations are AWESOME! Humanity is a blessing. Empathy and sympathy does exist. We are all connected.

Sometimes you just have to press the reset button and disconnect and remember what you’re supposed to be doing.

Charity begins at home and my neighborhood.

I have much to be thankful for. Where am I lacking? Where have things become more important than Family or friends? This is a time to pray, give to others and give up so that I can become empty and get filled with a life of faith, hope and love.

What’s the biggest time waster and love defeater? facebook, for me.  I’m gonna try to turn it off for a while. I know it sounds tough. But I will blog as much as I want and spend more time with my new book dedicated to road trips. I am more than 75% done.  The goal for me is to take control of my family (Denielle, Smokey “the little canary upstairs” and I) back from some of the technology that is slowly robbing our lives of intimacy and closeness. I’m not preaching to my friends and family. I chose this for myself to do for however long it takes. I only ask that you respect my choice.

Part of the fun of this is that it is part of our shared sacrifices, language and love that reminds us that we belong to something so much bigger than just us and our own wants and desires. I have many obsessions and bad habits. More happy blog posts will re-focus my priorities and life goals to better my health. Peace out family and friends. This time, I will do it. Call or email me if you wanna talk.




This is my babble for today.

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