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My Peace Train

I’m sitting in a Metra train right now. The upper level gives me peace and solitude. Whenever I head out to downtown Chicago, I refuse to drive. Stress is kept at a minimum on work related journeys.

My head rests against a vinyl cushion. Feet are stretched out on a fold out seat beside me. Trees glide by the window. King Crimson plays in my ears on my iPhone, which I am holding now while typing this blog post.

Robert Fripp is an intense guitar player.

Anyways, it’s a rainy day. A sleepy day. Today’s change of pace from a regular day at work is nice. I don’t mind the errands I must run for the accounting department. They buy me lunch too!

Alone to think. It feels like recharging before I return to the office. Breath. Pause. Breath again.




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