Happy Days Journey

Do we stop and think about the things that make us smile? A frame of mind has a powerful effect on our well being. Tragedy occurs in our lives. Famine, murder, grief, cancer, accidents and fist fights all are an unfortunate side effect to being a human being. We never know when it’s our turn to face challenges. However, we can practically always control when were are happy. There are infinite counts of people, places, things and events that make us HAPPY everyday!!!

My friend Debi and I are  trying to each take a picture everyday for the next 100 days. We signed up and registered at this cool website. 100 Happy DaysWhat we are doing is focusing on joy, smiles, laughter, fun and whatever makes us happy. By hash tagging these things at our Instagram pages we can document over three months of  bliss. If we make it to the end, the site I mentioned will present each of us with a book containing all 100 of our HAPPY pictures!

I encourage you all to participate in this uplifting adventure. Some examples of my pictures include: a cup of coffee, a hug from a friend and a delicious hot dog. These pictures can be as simple as you want them to be. Good luck and HAPPY snapping.


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