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Tape scribbles

Doodling is great for the soul. I go into a zone. My worries seem to disappear. I can just draw and scribble like a child and not care what anyone thinks. A Picasso is not me. Nor am I a Michelangelo. But, a bad day, bummer day, dull day or any day calls for scribbles. One of my passions is making mixtapes for my friends. I recently bought some actual cassette tapes. They are relics of the past. 80’s and 90’s nostalgia of trading cool music with cool people. I mostly put favorite tunes on blank CDs and then I cut out colored sheets into squares and I draw random pictures that evoke the mood of the mixtape. I wanted to share some recent sketches. It’s a real fun thing to do, even in my late 30’s. Being a kid is what it’s all about. That makes me happy!!!




Writer, Poet and Music geek

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