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Sydney’s Crochet Time With Music

We spent time with our nieces last weekend. They helped me make my annual chocolate nut clusters. I’ll reserve another blog entry talking about that. But what I want to focus on here is my youngest niece, Sydney. She loves to play games and is a real curious 9 year old girl. My wife likes to knit and crochet as a passion and hobby. Sydney took a real interest into what she was doing one night and wanted to crochet something. So Denielle, my wife, showed her how to make a chain. An endless one. This little princess became so fascinated with it.

What made me really happy was when she asked if it was okay to play my iPod through my iJuke (mini jukebox). The music of Adele, Katy Perry and Imagine Dragons played from that powerful little stereo system. She ran into our bedroom as we were each reading a book and said to us, “Look at what I’m doing? I really like listening to the music too because it helps me stay focused.” There’s so much truth in how helpful music can be as therapy to get you through projects. I am proud to call Sydney my niece. As a music fanatic and blogger, I take pleasure in being an Uncle to her and my two other nieces; Amanda and Samantha. All three have a love for music, art, poetry, writing and games.







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