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A Funeral Is Neeeded

Life can truly be appreciated the most

when a loss occurs.

My wife’s only living grandmother passed away

Families from separate lives come together for rituals, ceremonies, grievances, hugs, kisses, stories and tears

We have to experience sorrow and tragedy in order to find happiness again

Do I want to drive an hour away on this cloudy Monday morning?

Did my wife ask for this to happen?

No one wants these things to interfere with daily routines

I lost my Grandpa 15 years ago and I read the eulogy

It was not easy but I did it….I’m sure he looked down on me with a smile

When funerals happen, they actually create blessings

Hot showers suddenly feel so much better

Watching a comedy can be so much funnier too

Eating food at the reception after the ceremony feels good

We can catch up on old friends and family members

Listen to their stories and share fond memories

My happy place is knowing that

I am not alone

at work

at home

in life

I am blessed at a feast full of love

everywhere I go




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